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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pratunam,Bangkok Street Food Dinner

It's an adventure to try street food and there's no table to dine and you have to figure out a way. Been seeing this satay all over but never try it till today it's the day haha..

Saw this man selling barbecue pork and chicken and even chicken backside and at least this barbeque guy have a more proper kiosk

But their pork and chicken looks a like.. can you tell me the difference? where actually the left side is pork and right is chicken
This barbecue pork/chicken it's only my appetizer and the real thing is another food street where is the grill fish and prawn! it's only 100thbt for 6pcs grill prawn and 60thbt for the grill fish
and this is how I dine by the street having an ice-box to become my table
so happen next stall is selling coconut drink for 20thbt and I drank 2 coconuts hahaha
check out the grill prawn it's scrumptious uh?! this is how I got tempted to try and it was juicy.
See where is the orange shirt lady sit? there's where me and Izan dine earlier hahahaha...
Location: Pratunam, Bangkok


  1. Wahh, you're surrounded by good food! Super yums!

  2. Adam: if u ask me go again I will just say ummm let me think bout it haha... leg broken by walking
    xiiao: haha yea so far I'm good in picking the scrumptious street food hahaha
    Melmonica: haha nola

  3. the coconut looks nice ! I think the taste must be wonderful since u took 2 !!

  4. wow! really nice! envy you lah!

  5. Ronnie: haha yea it was refreshing haha it's a holiday wart and u can organize one too
    Adam: this is my concern now haha, mayb a wheel chair by then



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