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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Street Food from AM to PM @ Pratunam, Bangkok

You can easily find breakfast on certain streets for breakfast and they starts their breakfast business around 5am! that's early isn't?!
 I'm having my earliest breakfast at 6.30am on my 2nd day trip and there's this beverage stall attracts me due to they serves fresh milk and also add fresh milk on other beverage you want, so I get myself a cup of hot Ovaltine and also mini "Yao Char Koay"
Besides this you can can find authentic Thai fish cake and this cost 20thbt for quite a number of pieces
Early in the morning they started to sell economy rice as well and I love their economy rice especially those looks colorless coz those is the best! those if you see white color meat with white soup it's actually tomyum and it taste heavenly awesome. Average one rice pack 300thbt
There's also pork porridge selling as breakfast too and it was so sweet, they cook with the pork and some bones in it. This porridge cost 350thbt and we got some cordiments which cost 150thbt each and it doesn't taste good coz it's from other stalls hahaha one is sweet and another is "lap cheong" taste
Carry on in the afternoon you can find more stalls selling kuih
and more kuih like dumpling and this taste like our local "sa kok" but for the rectangular shape piece it's rice roll with taugeh... this is around 20thbt
You can see some hawker selling fried pancake while you are shopping along the alley and they just push this trolley with a big wok with boiling oil towards you and keep shouting "kuih kuih"?! dare not to try this green kuih coz looks ugly just like The HULK hahaha
Another hawker is selling her food along the alley as well by cooking white carrot cake and they just do it on a tiny trolley! how amazing is this
Locally tastefully appetizer of Thai salad just underneath the bridge link to Platinum mall
Cheap and crispy finger food which is the chicken wings 3 pcs just 150thbt!!!!!

Location : Rajprarop streets towards Platinum Mall


  1. hungry again~~ haha.... got souvenirs? XP

  2. haha all about food again... arh....this time i wanna try 'The Hulk'.. LOL

  3. wahhh i love travel laaaaa
    making me wanna travel only :)
    Nice trip and dropped by!

  4. Steven: no souvenir =(
    k~^ln: haha i duno nice onot so if u go Bangkok u try la hahaha
    Sookyee: plan ur trip! hehe

  5. hungry! Thailand is also a place of nice food!

  6. Simon: yea i think so, simple buy fr streets all taste good but some looks really bad due to the seller oso a messy person

  7. xeroz: hehe a lot ppl said dat haha.. so sry but it's my 1st time maaaa

  8. ~J'@nn: nicer wif condensed milk hehe

  9. WOW!d BKK street food is YUmmy Yummy & Cheap. But r u sure the porridge cost 350THB (RM35) & economy rice @ 300THB (RM30)????..this is more expensive than a Restaurant lar

  10. I think Kelly got the pricing wrong...should be 35THB not 350THB



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