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Monday, September 27, 2010

Pasta Zanmai & Shojikiyo @ Mid Valley

 Well this is sorta outdated but still have to post to show off my photo where I love my photography even it's not a very good one haha..

Been busy, very busy. and sorry for being quiet for so long.

Anyway I had my lunch in Pasta Zanmai again past few weeks and had their Teriyaki Chicken with Spagetthi and they do have the combo set with this dish as well, but this round I dunwan a combo but I wan a complete meal so ordered the regular size of pasta, as usual Pasta Zanmai never fails you with the good taste of dish they prepare ;) with the tender chicken teriyaki ^^

After meal, was craving for Macha ice-cream, so I had walk to next door Shojikiyo and get a Macha ice-cream. It taste smooth with a bit of buttery taste

 Just realize I got my manicure in green and it goes with the macha hahaha...

Address:Lot F-051, First Floor, 
Mid Valley Megamall, 
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
59200 KL.


  1. i spotted your manicure too....
    add me in my twitter so i can trace you !

  2. Hilda: now got buy 4 free 1 macha ice-cream haha
    Ronnie: added jor...
    CzChooi: drool especially afetr dinner or a hot day hehehe
    Chris: it taste good too ^^

  3. Owh, I have to go for another round of Mouth watering post! *My all time favourite:D

  4. Allison & Shukri: then u shd try Aoyama Japanese Restaurant @ Hartamas, their macha ice-cream it's da best! homemade nehh...

    Chenlin: go go go!

  5. Pasta Zanmai is nice :) Macha ice-cream, I'm afraid I can't accept it. LOL. Nice hairstyle, anyway :) cheers!

  6. Agnes : ^^
    Kevin: haha thx for my hair compliment Xd
    Miki : yea Meiji!! =P



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