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Monday, September 27, 2010

Lor Pan Mee @ Yi Yan Restaurant, Menjalara, Kepong

Well, if you weren't lead by a local Kepong fella, you will not explore a shop which just looks normal like this
It was a cold night a few weeks ago, and it come across to have some soupy stuff like.... the "lor pan mee" the taste was awesome and I love that they add in anchovies!!
And what else we can get here?? choices of porridge and I was craving for Century Egg Porridge and they serve it with crispy "yao char koay" which it's brings you more appetite to dine!
Chinese just love to order variety of dish on top of their main course, so had ordered additional ala-carte of fried Sui Kow, which I found it so-so only, but it's with prawn but just half of a prawn hahaha, claimed by the lady boss =P

Address: Bandar Menjalara, same row with Blue Junction(facing main road)

Jalan 3/62D, Medan Putra Business Centre
Bandar Menjalara
52200 Kepong


  1. Oh i love century egg porridge >_<"

  2. hehehehe... u must b hungry now then =P

  3. Dunno whether true or not but it seems that century egg if guys eat too much not good for that swimming Sperm...

  4. The porridge looks very delicious!

  5. I wann the loh pan mee too after reading your blog T__T

  6. Ronnie: u makes me burst out loud haha
    Tolanic: for cold nite, yes it was hahaha
    icalovezie: hehehe
    melmonica: it looks srumptious oso isn't it hehe



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