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Monday, September 6, 2010

Ying Ker Lou @ The Gardens

It's not my first time dining in Ying ker Lou, the 1st time was in The Curve, where this is a Hakka Cuisine and I love their "lui cha" a lot which high in fiber!! yum yum..

They actually have the typical "lui cha" where consist of beans, peanut, "zha choy" and more and the typical "lui cha" comes with plain rice but normally I ordered their fried "lui cha" and normally we share it. it's only RM14.90
with some side dishes as well, and this time had tried on their fried luffa with tofu coz I crave for food with gravy this time hehe..
Needs some meat to go with too not just "lui cha" hahaha, had the steamed pork and it's too soft and if not mistaken this is for RM16.90 or RM19.90 whih I think over price

Location : Lot S231 & 232, 2nd Floor
TheGardens MidValley

Contact : 03-2284 8480



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