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Thursday, September 2, 2010

360 degree Bangkok Night View @ Baiyoke Sky Tower

I stayed at Baiyoke Boutique Hotel and before this trip was planning to go Sky Bar at State Tower and due to laziness and tired and so happen Baiyoke Tower Hotel which is just opposite has a 360 view of Bangkok too and we got a 10% discount if we are going up for sight seeing and it was 225thbt include a drink.
You needs to go up to level 77 before go up to the look out point and while you're in level 77, you can have a lot of photo opportunity at their existing props.

There's this typical Thai ghost?! haha
The Queen foyer
Even a King photo board! hahaha
I even fly up to sky with a sky balloon
and I went back to the golden days working hard in my small tailor shop
and with the pak cik next door selling grocery hahahaha...
in a small town, our shop is sharing, tailor and grocery
normally we travel by a tuk tuk and act like a mat rempit on streets! hahaha...
and reach the destination of level 83 where either to left is look out point locate at level 84 or to right level 83 for the bar at roof top
and upon you reach level 84 you will begin your journey for the 360 turn-table Bangkok view
check out the Bangkok night view which it's a breath taking
love the highway structure
Once done with the 360 spin estimated 10minutes, we went down back to level 83 to redeem a free drink and also to enjoy the night light
ordered a Bailey's milk for myself and Izan got a whichky on rock! and popcorn is on house hehe..
We just spend bout 20 mins here as it was pretty boring like a uncle pub feeling
to re-cap as mentioned Baiyoke Sky Tower is the tallest building in Thailand
and you can find the door handle from the main entrance which it's pretty interesting, boobies Egyptian hahaha

Location: 222 Rajprarop Rd.,
Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Contact: 66(0) 2656 3000


  1. hello kelly! nanged and visited ! i miss bangkok ! :D

  2. Wow! really cool. those pict are nice as well.
    Planned to holiday in Bangkok someday.

  3. Sandra: thx
    Calvin: tqtq, u shd go again then =)
    Chooi: nice place and not a messy place as we seen from news hehe

  4. wohoooo
    next year will been there

  5. wow!!! awsome nite view in Bangkok!!
    yes..i love the highway structure too!!
    thanks for sharing!!

  6. was there last weekends but didn't went up there... perhaps I should one day !

  7. wow .. nice place nice view ...

  8. M-Knight: yea it's a breath taking view
    Jessy: hehe ur next plan ;)
    Jack: yea and don't forget bring Rose along hahaha

  9. beautiful, wonderful... wat else i need to say ! Just love all those !

  10. i believe, one day i will be able to visit it myself.

  11. Ronnie: tq i love it too hahaha
    John: sure can la nt dat costly oso

  12. What a coincidence! I just got back from Bangkok too :)

    Nice shots you've got there! Chk out Shopping & Italian Food In Bangkok! Looking fwd to sharing :)

  13. my colleagues oways said, bangkok worth to visit...
    Pray i can be there one day :)



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