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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Street Food Dinner 2.0 @ Bangkok

Looking for some typical Thai food?! well wherever there's just stalls along the roadside that is consider typical enough, duncha think so?! to me yes hehe..

Had explore the seafood stall just next to Isetan in Pratunam where also very close to the World Centre, but no worries it's safe around there.
Check out the seafood display.. fresh prawn, squid, fish, cockles and more..
They even have this duck feet next to the chicken
Their grill fish catches our eye, where we got no idea what fish is it and the way they grill it seems interesting as well
So we actually ordered and give it a try, surprisingly the taste not too bad with the sweet and sour and a bit of spicy sauce to pair with this fish
They do have a standard menu with price so you will not feel cheated as well
once you place your order, you will have complimentary of "ulam"
I like their ice bin, old skol! haha
Here go the dishes we ordered, the first to go is the basil pork where there's also some spare parts in it which I found it a bit gross and also taste some tiny stones, (I bet they didn't really clean it properly >.<)
Had fried "la-la" as well and I had bad experience of having "la-la" due to the smell and sometimes it taste a bit stink, I think we should not order any "la-la" from hawker stalls as it's not the good "la-la" the ypurchase from the market as compared to the restaurant
How can a thai meal be complete without a tomyum right?! so here you go, we did order a seafood tomyum and it was such a huge bowl with lotsa seafood but the taste stills can't beat the tomyum in the foodcourt of Platinum Mall hahaha
Needs some green for this dinner, so we got the last dish which is the "Kangkung" and it was a huge plate as well >.<
In the end of the dinner, took a picture with the hawker stall staff as he been very helpful and whenever we call him handsome then he will help us to translate what his fellow members trying to ask for. e.g you want a rice or sticky rice haha

Location: Lane next to Isetan at Pratunam


  1. Thks for sharing these food street pix! I must say u're very adventurous :)

    Maybe me being an ex-cabin crew, we've somehow cultivated a habit not to take street food in certain countries to be safe. I salute u :) Nice post!

    Well, u may wanna chk out where I go for my makan, spa & shopping adventure @ Paradise In Bangkok!

  2. aaahhhh! Damn, i should hv had my dinner b4 reading this haha.

  3. Blackswan: saw ur post n love the pampered holiday. i will only go for pampered holiday if I have a local tourguide which I trust o else I will feel safe to explore myself on the streets haha
    M: dinner!
    Chris: haha ummmmmm... soweeee hahaha

  4. wow!! they still have the bottle pepsi

  5. M: haha i think it's everywhere when u eat the street food hahaha

  6. your posts never missed out yummy food.. haha

  7. Bangkok reminds me of Tomyam *slurps* :D



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