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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Floating Market @ Bangkok

Floating markets are like living museums where you can immerse in the local culture and way of life as it once was before the arrival of global consumerism. Well on the tourist trail, a trip to the Damnoen Saduak floating market will be a highlight of your trip to Bangkok.

Totally lively and somewhat chaotic, small 'khlongs' or canals are filled with flat boats piled high with fresh produce, each jockeying for position and paddled by ladies ready to stop and bargain at a moment’s notice. It's colourful, noisy, touristy but great fun. During the long-tail boat ride to market, you’ll pass orchards, traditional teak houses and local people going about their lives. You'll also visit Nakorn Pathom town, site of the largest pagoda in Southeast Asia.
 Had took a tour to floating market via hotel and it cost 900thbt where I found that if you go to some shop selling d same package only for 550thbt.

Travelling there by a van is pain in the ass, journey takes about 90minutes.

Upon arrival, you will take a short boat ride to the floating market area
You will have lotsa sight seeing of the way of the local live and also the water is so dirty yiiks!
Saw one lady was paddle along her way to the float market to sell her goods
The boast is FAST!

 Because all of the stolen cars engine had been transform to become their boat engines! hahaha check this out 3.0 TURBO!
Was so excited upon my arrival to the Floating Market
But the sad thing is , the whole floating market is only 200meters long and if you want to have the boat ride to experience shopping by boat you can take a ride by paying 150thbt! and I did not do that coz to me it's boring... and you have to wait for others while they are buying stuff -_-
After walk the 200meters LONG floating market... Saw a lady selling mango with sticky rice under the bridge
And here I am approach her to get one hehe and it taste heavenly awesome!! only for 50thbt
There's this pork noodle seller and thai pancake seller. Get a bowl of pork noodle for 25thbt and the chilli powder is spicy hot! even you just put a dash of it >.<
This lady who selling the thai pancake is a cheater! she sells to foreigner 20thbt for 3pcs but local get 5 pcs!! I keep an eye on her moves! i gotcha! even how nice it taste but after feeling got cheated once is enough. /pif!
Looking for souvenirs? hahaha... they have the Typical Thai Ghost Mask and haha sth notty!
There's also a chance to take photo with a incredible SNAKE!
Summary for this Floating Market trip is that.. it's not worth to go all the way there if you expect something more than this as I think Tasik Chini is way nicer and enjoyable but not this 200meters long river! and with the traveling time to reach there it's like 90minutes but you can done explore this market in 15mins -_-!!

Location : Damnernsaduak
Bangkok, Thailand


  1. Don't like also but still it's one of a kind experience kan? Hmm, I have yet to go to Thailand. Waiting for that time to come :)

  2. Sticky rice with mango~ i love it.

  3. ur page is so wonderful!! so informative!! i've been to bangkok and would love to go there again and again..



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