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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chatuchak @ Bangkok

Whenever we talk bout going Bangkok, I'm sure Chatuchak it's a hot topic by saying lotsa cool and cheap stuff and for those who have not been there must be thinking it's like a night market in Malaysia coz some say it's only opens on weekend!

Let's go thru my tour here and you will find out more bout Chatuchak ;)

You can travel by cab/BTS/MRT to Chatuchak and I had took a MRT to reach there and you needs to buy your ticket to Kamphaeng Phet and once you reach the station there's a sign showing the way exit to Chatuchak.

Once you exit to Chatuchak exit you will come across the refreshing coconut ice-cream! it's truly fully must try and it's only 25thbt
And let's the journey of Chatuchak begins by getting a map
See what I meant earlier? By rumours you tot it's a night market but in fact it's all shop lots. All tiny shop lots where once you get into each lane you will starts to feel lost. Each lane sell different items, there's houseware, decor, fashion clothings, accessories, etc.
Check out this crowded lane, where this store is selling most of teenage designer item whih pretty cool and don't ask me if I know how to go back to this lane. Look at the map again and you'll know how many zillions shop is in this area >.<
Onisuka Tiger for 550thbt! hahaha and quality really bad compare to original, so think twice, you wan ori or imitate item hahaha for your own foot comfort =P but from far it's really looks damn real.
Ok.. Ok.. I'm starving!! and here goes my food explore.. amazing barbecue just next to the coconut ice-cream stall which I think I'd done walking one round of Chatuchak and back to the square haha.. Check out the chap who doing the barbecue, he 's with his headphone on! ahha
10thbt for one stick of barbecue beef ball, it's tender and spicy...
Was craving for rice and I'm looking for a typical local food where what normally the local eats and finally after searching real hard for it, I found one stall which normally can only be found in the inner part of lane from the row of shops. Typical food of Thailand is like our nasi campur by the road side
And our table is super mini! due to the convenience of this hawker to keep her stuff in a compact way
I love my rice with the curry chicken and unexpected white gravy chicken which is the tomyum! omg i miss it so so much, with the hot bowl of rice.. drooool.....
I don't know should I say Izan is bad luck or he is not good in choosing his dish coz he said his fish taste suck! hahaha... and he got the curry chicken too, so consider still lucky hahaha... but it's not as good as the flat white gravy tomyum I pick hehe...
 The final shot I took in Chatuchak is this pork stall, the pictorial of their porkie attracts me haha... so cuuuuute!

Summary of my Chatuchak experience, I don't really like it, maybe there's too much to see and you might get lost and you will feel like missingand got no idea what to eye on coz too much to see! hahaha
Location : Chatuchak,Bangkok
Date : 29 August 2010


  1. feel like tasting the coconut ice-cream.... looks to nice

  2. Ronnie: I miss the coconut ice-cream too hehe
    Adrian: yea was lucky to pick on the right food hahaha

  3. i miss bangkok! nanged and visited!

  4. AIH.. still not done wif BKK ar...

    Waiting for yr Nambawan review la....faititttttt

  5. I want to go Thailand too! For the food and SHOPPING!!

  6. calvin: thx
    expired foodie: stil got a few more of Bkk la.. u sabar la! hahaha
    Lillian: plan a trip! hehe

  7. hmm..seems like they revamp ady was not that clean went I when there . . .

  8. Adam: welcome to the new Chatuchak! haha

  9. I wish to go Thailand too, for shopping of course, hehe! Heard from my friends, they are selling cheap clothes ! =P

  10. the bbq guy so cute even got his headphone on maybe bbq is a boring job LOL

  11. looks like an interesting place to visit. :)

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