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Friday, August 27, 2010

Food Tasting @ Food Recipe, The Strand Kota Damansara

Was invited for a food tasting by Deric and sorry that until today only I post this as this event was last Friday.
Food Recipe  is park under a 3-storeys commercial building in The Strand Kota Damansara and the concept that Deric is doing it's a Cooking Academy where all the chef owns a restaurant or some even give classes at home but now you can find all of them under one roof, hassle free!
 While waiting for others to reach, the chef is still busy preparing food in the kitchen.
Guess wart?! Didn't know Desmond was invited as well, and we was chatting among ourselves till the dinner starts coz we do not knows others besides Deric LOLx

Best thing is that when we was seated there's this authentic Nyonya Kueh by Chef Bonny Chau which I love it so much. it's not that sweet and yet the aroma of santan it's just nice with the sticky rice with it without a kaya it's stills  taste heavenly awesome.
While you be seated as well, you are serve with a glass of white wine, where I don't really take wine because of the taste and also I will get drunk quickly =P
And you will also get a red wine to pair with other food,.
 Well, I think it's easier for me to introduce Chef by Chef and their own recognized dish. But first of all, thank Deric for inviting me for this event of his =)
Ok let me start with Chef Charles, he is the Founder for My Elephant but now he had passed on his business to his relative and more concern in teaching his recipe to his students.
He had prepared Mango with Prawn Salad as appetizer of the day and it's way tooooo SOUR!! I think it's the selection of mango but Charles claim that Thai actually love this level of sourness where all of us disagree but the prawn it's not sour.. lucky. else gonna waste it hahaha...
Other dish that Charles had prepared is the Duck Meat Curry where the taste is fantasticooooo!!! the curry just goes well with the duck meat and the curry it's full of refreshing lemongrass taste.. kudos kudos!! clap clap hehe..
The last dish that Charles had presented on the night is the Snow Fish where in chinese it was called 雪山fei狐, this fish had been salted baked and the fish meat it's smooth and was layered by lemongrass during the baked processed which it's pretty interesting and yet it taste even better with the chilli he prepared for this fish, love it too.. good job Charles!
Next let's move on with Soorya!! woot woot!!
 Sorry dude but.. you bagel look-a-like claim Baguette not working as it's too hard to bite on and even my jaw feels the sore. buzzer buzzer*** this dish is out and you can also see how tough for Kristy when she bite on it
An unforgettable night, where I eye on everyone to make sure they taste on all the dishes and here comes the Japanese Style Salmon Spaghetti
Yea.. presentation and my photo shooting skills make it looks scrumptious but in fact... this is how the reaction looks like when Scott try to escape from trying this dish! haha.. yea he looks like having some inspiration on but it's not, it's the fishy smell on the Japanese Style Salmon Spaghetti, it's the salmon! the salmon was way toooo fishy!
Scott got lucky to have so much fishy salmon hahaha...
Well, ok don't be sad Soorya, credit is given to your Spicy Tomato Chicken dish as the taste is not too bad and even the breast meat it's tender ;) kudos! weldone =)
Carry on we have Chef Amy Wong, lovely smile she had and pretty timid shy too teehee~~
She had prepare us Indian Mutton Curry, the mutton curry is tender, it's just that it's a little salty maybe can reduce the salt? =P
and we was given a plate with some brown rice to go with ala-carte dish, well you will eventually finds out what is the other ala-carte dish ;)
This is interesting Kelantan flavour Ayam Soo!!! it's looks like black pepper chicken but in fact it is not, it's sweet and was cook with gula melaka but it's not THAT sweet la, just taste a lil sweet, something different uh?!
Lastdish by Chef Amy is Stir-Fry Creamy Fillet where it's fillet with some chilli spices. Still the same request, can reduce salt ar hehehe...
 From the beginning, Chef Bonny Chau had prepared us some Nyonya Kueh and now she prepared some ala-carte dish for us too and sorry Chef Bonny as I did not got the way to snap your moment as you move too much and my picture of you was all so blurred and my camera it's not a good one so I would like to apologize to you hehe...

Anyway, not to drag it longer, Chef Bonny Chau had prepare us a Golden Prawn!! wow.. golden... it's covered by salted egg and almost 1 salted egg yolk been used to prepare one prawn, and I like to say this is good! but just that a bit buttery taste which I think can be reduce?!
Well, I'm a scuba diver and of course I'm sad when there's a dish like Braised Shark Fin and Crab Meat with Pumpkin Soup serve to me coz I'm killing another mamalia!! but well good food have to be eaten right?! so I ate and I love the pumpkin soup where it was blend smoothly to create this soup or gravy look-a-like soup ;)
The last dish which presented by Chef Bonny Chau is the Stir Fry Mushroom, it's a oriental dish where it's pretty home cook dish and Bonny realized the taste is a bit off coz she used too much oyster sauce -_-
Well.. well... well... the last but not least Baker Alan Ooi where me myself got no idea how he looks like.. but anyway he had prepared some Blueberry Cheese Tart where it looks more like a strawberry cheese tart to me and the I feel no cheese but butter! why!! why!! why!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh i love pastry so much and this is not as what I expected!!! aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
 Another item he made is in conjunction of Mid-Autumn Festival is around so Baker Alan Ooi had prepared some Yam Agar-agar mooncake and the taste don't have the fragrant smell nor taste of agar-agar sobbbb.....
 In the end of event, we get pressie by Safe Egg where it is a pasteurized egg and selling one egg for RM1!! crazy right?! but it's a pasteurized one so it's SAFE to be EAT!!
 Once again, thanks for the beautiful evening and I shall go to bed now.. hahaha...

Address: No 12A-1,12A-2 & 12A-M
Jalan PJU 5/22,
The Strand Kota Damansara,
47819 Petaling Jaya.

T: 03-6142 6712/6713
F: 03-6142 6711


  1. AHA...Finally yr review of this food tasting...

    What a pity to haf the snow fish being cooked that eaten baked :))
    and hello...Salmon is a fish - so it has a fishy time gimme a call i'll finish that dish..lolx

    Oooo the spicy tomato chic looks real delish...

    hmmm the pumpkin soup wif shark fin/crabmeat? hmmm bit me pumpkin soup is good on its own already....

    THIS IS SO bad...pls do not post after midnight...lolx

    expired foodie

  2. Ahahha how I'm I supposed to Noe u will even come and peep at my blog midnite!! Ahha and seriously the salmon pasta it's not a go, super fishy and I can imagine ur face expression jz like Rosie Phua hahaha

  3. kelly is well on her way to become a famous food blogger! i wanna get invites too >.<
    anyways nice food, such a shame that i live so far away

  4. Lukey: hahahaha noooooooo it must be a joke hahaha

  5. AHAHAHAH Luckily u disagree wif Lukey...
    i think u're more fussy than me lar....this too sour, this too salty...bla bla bla...
    lol...kidding lar... time can post some NORMAL cheap food places ar? the places u go....normal beings like me kennot afford to go all the time ler.

    expired foodie

  6. oo.... my priceless expression like (=) Rosie Phua.... like the time we ate in the char kuay teow place... hahahahahah

    expired foodie

  7. All the best to u Kelly.... nice visiting Kelly's Corner !

  8. Food tasting. I've yet to be invited to one.

  9. wow! u r getting a food review! great and congrats!

  10. expired foodie: u oso same very FUSSY!!!! blekk hahaha
    Ronnie: TQ! hehehe
    Jan: ur day will come ^^
    Simon: tq hehehe

  11. Make me feel hungry....
    Nice Photo, nice reviews

  12. nice food...... yum yum

    I think u shud tell us how u managed to stay slim even u eat so much :p

  13. EH... U back yet onot??? so lonely without posts the last 4days...Quick....

    4tm : this blogger stays slim by going to the gym...Religiously ;p ;p

    exp foodie

  14. DSVT: thx =)
    4tm: haha yea as exp foodie mentioned, i go to gym
    expired foodie: haha miss me lehhhh haha...

  15. Hmmm interesting blog.

    But your data is inaccurate.

    I have met the 3 original founders of myelephant. This Charles chappie wasn't in that group.



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