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Monday, August 23, 2010

Raya Gift Patchi Chocolate!

A box of Patchi during festive season it's pretty handy right?! but it's a premium gift and girls loves it haha... but not all coz Pam dislike it!
There's four types of flavour, from the left almond flavour, kurma with chocolate, chocolate milk and chocolate with rice cracker. And the kurma chocolate it's way TOO sweet.
My favourite piece almond! whenever I see this wrapper and shape and I knew this is it haha..
Milk chocolate with some imprints.
This chocolate with rice cracker in it have a very nice imprints.

You can find Patchi stores at Mid Valley, Bangsar, and etc. Or you can login to


  1. Tolanic: ummm dun have dark chocolate here
    Lemon: haha ask u come to my office right?!
    Adam: umm a box dun have la haha

  2. everyone wants one...but i want TWO.
    Feel like trying the kurma one !

  3. Ronni: the kurma one super duper SWEET!!

  4. I fall in love with Patci since 1997. I always have patchi in my handbag just in case im craving of it at anytime...



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