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Monday, August 23, 2010

Ultimo @ Solaris Mont Kiara (August)

Again, I'm back to Ultimo for their pork satay! RM12
Tried out some new dish which is the firecracker prawn. The taste not bad and the popiah skin is deep fried crunchy with a touch of Thai chilli sauce. RM12
Tried the prawn and mango roll too where I don't taste the mango and the popiah skin seems toooo soft as in lembik! summore RM14
Got a smoked pork too and it was way too salty and I had informed the waiter to inform the chef as well regarding on this..  RM16
Too much meat right?! ok got a cauliflower,chickpea and kale and it was cook with some curry powder which the outcome is so weird and doesn't taste too well. RM8
You may also see others dish I tasted

Address: 13A, Jalan Solaris 4,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 03-6204 0887


  1. I'm into MEATY stuff. The smoke pork looks nice, but u commented too SALTY... aikz !

  2. omg... i'm so hungry rite now

  3. Ronnie: ya and I had complaint it and the boss actually read my blog hehehe...
    3ryan: haha go eat, ask ur daddy n mummy bring u

  4. DSVT: hehe hungry den eat lor haha

  5. yum yum. but too expensive for me.

  6. aarhhh!!!...i missed that Pork Satay!

  7. Pork satay looks damn yummy!!!!


  8. John: umm save up ur pocket money?
    Adam: hahahaha
    Wilson: the pork satay is a bomb!

  9. Wao, nice food there. Should try out soon

  10. looks like their veggie dishes kennot be eaten... hope the boss improves that.
    intend to go over and review that place next week...pork satay been given orgasmic status eh ? lolx

  11. Jlean: they do have happy hour too haha
    expired foodie: they pork satay is super orgasm! haha
    Jfook: taste good too
    Ben: so sry bout it



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