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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Korean House @ SS2 PJ

Korean house serve a very reasonable or can say cheap price especially during lunch time where you can get a set lunch for RM9.90++ or RM19.90++ for a BBQ set lunch.
It's Wing's birthday yesterday, so all of us had decide to Korean house for his birthday lunch.. Everyone ordered a set lunch set and we actually pinch on everyone's dish hehe...

We was served by having steamed egg as appetizer and it's free!
And they gave everyone a plate of oil which we got no idea what is it for
Soon, landed the side dishes! hehe.. this is what I like bout Korean food where we can get free re-fill side dishes =P
BBQ Set lunch of choice Beef or Pork and we got both
As usual in Korean cuisine we got a personal chef LOlx
and the outcome of BBQ Beef! the taste is alright but the meat is a bit too soft and all over
and here comes the BBQ Pork, meat is stills in good condition haha..
Nic get herself a bim-bim-bab
Besides BBQ set lunch the normal dish is like spicy chicken and it's really SPICY!!
you can't really tells which is chicken and pork coz we did order Spicy Pork too and it was SPICY as well.. but for this spocy pork/chicken, I personally prefer Ko-Hyang in Gardens coz the gravy is lil sweeter hehe...
Besides you can also have a sweet pork with it's fried till crunchy and covered with some sweet sauce
All of the set lunch is comes with a soup either Kimchi Soup or Wheat Soup aka Pan Mee soup claim the waiter hahaha for Malaysian easy understanding
I was craving for Korean typical sticky rice and finally I tasted it and I love it but a bit feel like kena con coz the price of this is RM40 for ala-carte!!! and I can get it cheape in Ko-Hyang The Gardens
There's egg in this sticky rice too and the egg yolk looks so srumptious!
Everyone are burping d and Alex got a bean curd soup where he ordered earlier and needs to be finished hahaha
Stomach is bloated and lucky all set lunch is serve with a dessert whereby yesterday dessert is Chilled Ginger Drink and it was refreshing after a heavy meal hehe

Address : 185, Jalan SS2/24
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
It is located in the row of shop houses in the main SS2 area, just opposite all the new Wedding Shops (near the Police Station)
Contact : 03 7873 0031
Business Hour : 11am-late 


  1. i think the oil is for u to apply on the food when u grill/bbq your food!

  2. I never tried Korean food except Korean BBQ chicken.

  3. simon: no wor the waiter he din use that and he cook for us

  4. tolanic: u should as it taste good. if u wan more to korean bbq can go to daorae at hartamas o any branch they have now

  5. so do you think it's worth to eat there? i've passed by the place for few times already but didnt enter cos don't know if it's good or not

  6. melmonica: the food there's is worth to eat and not that bad actually

  7. oh... foood... you made me hungry... >.< nice...

  8. steven: everyone is hungry when see this hehehehe

  9. i knew this shop but never tried before :p

  10. I love kimchi soup! Thankfully it's REALLY easy to make :)



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