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Sunday, August 15, 2010

GAJA Bistro & Restaurant @ Bangsar

GAJA? or GAJAH? Well it's GAJA. It was located just around Mist Club where you needs to make a u-turn if you are from Telawi direction. Perhaps, I think not many people aware this restaurant and bistro if you don't really look on the left side when you are driving on the highway coming out from Mid Valley heading towards Bangsar du to the location it's just next to the flyover. 

From the road you'll see this sign,

And the building just looks like this,
Anyway, GAJA serve fusion and they have a wine cellar hehehe... Their interior design it's more to gallery design, square design and next door it's an art gallery named Zinc!
Let's not talk much but jom explore the lunch menu where it's from RM12.90++ till RM19.90++ and they change their menu daily ^^
But for last week, they have only this menu and I was craving for rice, sadly it's only fish curry with rice I can go with but luckily the taste it's not too bad as it's not that spicy and it was light curry along with some lime taste and the fish do absorb the curry taste too, not to left out the portion is decent =)
Pam ordered a Linguine Spicy Calamari and I teased her by saying "you can get that at PitStop with that price!" and she ask me shaddup hahaha as she claimed that it's different taste and I took a pinch of it, it taste a lil sourish, perhaps they had sprinkle some lime into it as well hehe..
Late comer Jean, she was rushing and hungry as well and got no idea what to order, so she just go along with Pan Seared Seabass, I was amaze when it was served, the portion of whole fish! but actually it's half haha... but there's a lot meat, stills worth the price ;)
Wing, reached pretty late and we get him to order the Dip Fried Breaded Beef Fillet, it's my first time seeing a beef fillet being fried, it's a new way of cooking uh?! the taste pretty weird though and we do not know how to describe the taste of it where there's a taste of spices that you use to cook nasi bryani.
All of our set lunch comes with a drink, coffee, tea or soft drinks and we go for Ice Tea! and they had a dash of lime too but you don't really taste it. I wonder how they achieve it, see lime pulp but can't really taste the lime hmmmm... and it also comes with a desert which we get watermelon! refreshing!
To end the meal, we ordered a chocolate lava where it takes 15min preparation. The icy cold vanilla icer-cream with a warm chocolate it's a good combination which bring us to orgasm! OMG....!!

Address : Lot 61C, Jalan Maarof, 59000, Bangsar, Kuala lumpur

Contact : 03-22822225

Business Hour :
Mon - Fri:
11:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 pm - 12:00 am



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