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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Famous Rojak & Cendol at Section 17

Did not take my lunch yesterday and when the clock hits 5pm, my stomach starts making some drum roll... and this reminds me of the heavenly sinfully rojak at section 17 roadside where when you see this street then you will be able to see 2 trucks, one for rojak and another for cendol!
I was so obsessed with this rojak till I speed up and buy it as I afraid they close haha... and here I come, bought a cendol which it's so refreshing!!! and irresistable!
what is next! bought 3 packs of rojak for me and my colleagues hehe... coz they are craving for it too ;)
something which is so irresistible and deniable finally arrive and unwrapped! the yummy rojak with the awesome rojak sauce! nom* nom* nom*

Location : Jalan 17/41A (coming from Sin Chew Jit Poh Rothman round-about make a U-turn and the 2nd left turn go up a lil and you'll see these trucks at the roadshide ;)


  1. love rojak ^^ packet 1 for me XD

  2. Steven: digest d luu ahha
    Hansley: it's nice must try!
    Jfook: ngek ngek ngek =P

  3. hey is this the one opposite the market hahaha i used to stay at the terrace houses behind this cendol stall

  4. amoi... next time don't forget to ask for sotong ok....

  5. i want both of them.... can ah ?

  6. vampire: u r correct opposite pasar hawker stalls
    m-knight: m holding on ur saliva to drop haha
    expired foodie: yala yala, next time u tapao ok?! hahaha
    Ronnie: u can... go tapao XD

  7. i sudah lama din go there ahh miss it

  8. lemon : thx ^^
    vampire: it's my 1st time tapao rojak hahha... i think so far i ate rojak nt more than 5x maybe fattening =P

  9. im hungry and craving for Rojak Bellamy near Istana! ARGHHH!! XP



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