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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ecoba Restaurant & Bar @ PJ Trade Center D'sara Perdana

Ecoba is the ultimate neighborhood bar concept that brings dining, fashion, music and entertainment together earning itself, the undisputed reputation as being "The Sexiest Place in PJ".
Mission: eat, chill, oogle...
 .night crowd. so busy.
Well, I got lucky even just 8pm and it was fully booked by reservation and lucky that my friend own this place and I could dine before the next reservation at 10pm, it just that I couldn't chill for long but it's ok coz my purpose is just to dine hehe...
Here comes the menu with fusion!
Jay told me that he tried the Ecoba Special Fried  Rice with Fried Chicken is good, so here goes my crave for it and I ordered it but as claimed by Jay, the rice doesn't taste as good as he tasted and for me yea it was pretty tasteless and the rice it's too soft but luckily chilli padi save the day hahaha.... The fried chicken is fine with the taste of spices.
Ordered a Pizza Calzone and Ecoba's Calzone somehow slightly different than others whereby Ecoba's Calzone is a flat Calzone instead of a puffy one. Half of it it's filled with cube potato and anotehr half is cheese, tomato puree and etc. it's unique and taste is not bad ;)\
Their ice lemon tea recipe somehow taste differently and it was refreshing

There's a Centurion Challenge going on the night and challengers needs to finish up 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes and winner go home with RM1,500.00 anyone can join and it happends regularly. 
 You guys can get updates on their events by adding Ecoba on facebook

Menara Bata,
Ground Floor,
8 Jalan PJU 8/8a
RSVP: 03-7710 1118


  1. great........^^ wish to go there when i am in kl

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hey Kelly..... wat's the damage ?

  4. wow! the challenge like GENG GENG leh...

  5. Nic: where r u from?
    Ronnie: total bill RM43 only nt pricey wun burn ur pocket :)
    Ed.Inc: haha u can challenge if u can drink ahha
    Simon: chill place ma ;)

  6. Dropping by ere. =).. Smiles.. Nice one.. Have been there for drinking though and its nice..

  7. JLean: next time u should challenge the Centurion haha



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