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Monday, August 16, 2010

Dome @ BSC

What an early morning over the weekend which I'm all ready to renew my passport at Imigration Office and guess wart?! I reached there and even re-shoot a passport photo and only I realized I left my passport at home and I rushed home and return there bout 9am and all numbers finished so end up to BSC for a hearty breakfast! hehe..

Woke up at 7am and finally at 9.15am I able to enjoy the cappuccino! and I think the waiter gave me a latte instead of a cappuccino but well I'm good as long as it's caffeine hehe..
And the way to hold this glass is like this, and can you see my super puffy eye?! accumulate from restless symptoms haha...
Ordered a BIG BREAKFAST!! I always love bread and for this time the bread it's not fresh as it's a bit hard instead of soft maybe not many people ask for a whole meal bread?!
Ordered a sausage breakfast too and this bread it's fresh maybe it's a normal bread

Overall, the quality of Dome had dropped! the food it's getting worst. I hope that you guys will revamp. TQ =P


  1. i only dined at dome once.. it was nice, back then lah.. not sure about now =)

  2. haven't tried at Dome yet...but food kinda yummy for breakfast !

  3. Ken: they famous for nasi lemak but I never try it coz my fav and most gal favourite is their chicken mushroom pie hahaha

    Ronnie: their breakfast sucks d arrrr!! dun goooo unless they revamp haha

  4. Hey Kelly.. Where is BSC? Your cup of cappucinno looks GREAT!! :D

  5. Bryant: BSC is Bangsar Shopping Centre =) but u can find Dome at Mid Valley and The Curve

  6. shud've gone to Jarrod & Rawlins then...

  7. i did consider but so early and it's a weekend i doubt it's open so i just think of nearest and confirm buka Dome! haha

  8. the photos are making me hungry! nanged and visited :D

  9. KM: it's bout food not my hair >.< hahaha
    calvinn: hungry must eat hehe thx!

  10. ah so sad to hear this , i used to work in Dome but not BSC outlet , i am a hostess in Mid Valley few years ago .

    Although i never really tried the breakfast set before i do i hope they will do something asap

    since stop working i sudah lama tak makan in Dome

    i used to like the Lot Burger a lot and also spicy olio and creamy seafood lol

    if you ada drop by next time , if got review on the main course note us ya

  11. vampire: normally I go I order chicken mushroom pie as my main haha so far I did not try others but my friend said even their famous Nasi Lemak oso sucks d.. but touch wood lucky so far the chicken mushroom pie stills good hehe

  12. Lucky its still good if is the chicken mushroom pie also degrade then mati loh their business cos its like their signature dish



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