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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lorong Seratus Tahun @ SS2

LTS was around SS2 for a few years and a few friends of mine actually they like the taste of it maybe they are Penang kaki as LTS serve more authentic Penang flavours but for me and my colleagues we don't like the taste is it maybe we are Cantonese and Cantonese prefer rich taste?! hmmmph
         Anyway, it was a gloomy day with some rain drop last Thursday so me and Wing had a crave on soupy stuff so we ordered ourselves a Curry Noodle and **buzzer** we don't like it due to too watery taste even how much chilli paste I'd added in, still prefer the laksa at Killiney *.*
Pam ordered some side dish, fried spring roll **buzzer**!! doesn't taste that good either
But luckily the Chee Cheong Fun it's good where taste the authentic shrimp paste sauce with it ;)
Coffee is a best friend when you needs some express booster but sadly this "cham ping" I ordered taste sourish which I don't like it but Pam said it was ok, ok maybe I'm just having a fussy taste bud =P

Address: No 56 Jalan SS2/66,
47300 Petaling Jaya.

Contact: 03-7877 8757


  1. the photos look yum , i will go there someday

    cos its superb hard to find authentic penang food in KL

    everyone claims to be PENANG etc etc etc but all cetak rompak version lol

  2. Vampire: this one oso cetak ROMPAK!!! hahaha u should read what I commented. if u wana have laksa I suggest you go to Killiney

  3. ahh i am so sorry tadi i din read , i just clicked and view cos me bos is still around haha if he caught me slacking im DEAD

    =( sorry i made myself an ass

  4. ahha no worries, just dunwan u to step in to a disappointment like us XD

  5. Vampire: Don't let the pics fool you....

    Really... watta waste of our time and $$$.... especially the spring roll, which someone INSISTS on ordering, which costs RM 5.80 for 2rolls and it's SUPER OILY.

  6. haha but to be honest the photos really look good ,

    then goodbye Lorong seratus tahun and will try Killiney

    thanks for the honest review

    and haaha i 've made sure i read properly before i leave any comment this time

  7. hahaha now here we go JLean got tricked by the photo and didn't read hahaha..

    Vampire, I'd posted Killiney laksa but I think you go to Mid Valley branch better coz the one I tried in Uptown branch today doesn't taste that good compared to Mid Valley =)

  8. cannot deny that their quality had drop..cuz it had now change to halal after renovation.. before the reno it still taste good . . .

    too bad now its Halal~

  9. taufulou: when things change to halal it's hard for them to maintain more authentic food d.. perhaps they should zhng their ingredient hahaha, do u agree with me? haha



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