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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Carl's Junior @ 1Utama

Been a year plus never dine at Carl's Junior and it's because you needs a huge appetite to complete the whole burger! But... after so long I didn't visit, the burger had shrink =( compare the bun with the hamburger where the bun it's way bigger than hamburger sniff sniff**
No doubt the bun it's soft and scrumptious at the same time it just that I still can't get over it that my Cheeseburger with Chicken bacon had shrink =(

Ordered the large set of it and it comes with choice of refill-able soft drinks and a large fries and you can choose the cordiments that you like from the bar too.
Jay ordered a Beef Teriyaki Burger where his burger size seems normal but why mine >.< the taste of this burger is sweet covered wif teriyaki sauce.

Address:Lot 210C, Ground Floor,
1Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama, 47800 PJ

Contact: 03-7729 6718


  1. everything is getting smaller.. even kfc's pocketful is smaller and uglier that what's advertised..

  2. ahha yea i saw the KFC *illustration purposed only* hahaha



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