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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Akari Japanese Kitchen Bar @ Solaris

Was going around Solaris and no idea what to eat around as I don't feel like taking heavy meals for dinner last night. Suddenly come across this Japanese restaurant above Dr Cafe and once step in the look and feel is so good but just wonder why is the business so quiet maybe it was a bit too loungy feel and people tot it's a Japanese drinking bar but it is not. Don't even under estimate their food!! coz it's simply delicious.

The lounge area
The chef , I think he is from Japan, pretty cute ^^
Recommended by the waitress a Tiger Roll (crabmeat, grilled salmon with some white soft cheese)
Rainbow Roll (crabmeat,avocado,cucumber, tobiko and mayo is wrapped with sliced tuna,salmon &yellow tail) every bite of it has a very different taste. pretty interesting =)
Love the tea pot cap, it's square
Touch of the Zen...
Saba Shio Yaki (grilled makarel)
I love this chicken yakitori, the teriyaki sauce and the tenderness of chicken and it was juicy!
Top up with final order as it's not enough. Had the fried items misture of octopus, asparagus and mushroom. Surprisingly they do a very good fried dish as I don't taste any oily feeling and it's seriously a dry fry kind of feeling.
Overall : seriously don't under estimate it and first thing cross my mind why they do not have much business maybe the portion it's small even just averagely RM25, for the portion with that price seriously costly but the food it's good so i think it worth it, really worth it ;)



  1. Wow, I love the deco of the restaurant! It's so zen and classy~ ^^ I love Japanese food very much. Btw, is it affordable? :)

  2. Yup it's affordable jz average rm25/dish =)

  3. wow you really are a good food hunter lol

  4. eh, new restaurant at solaris ka...? like never see before buts ure you did take a nice pic~

  5. vampire: ahahha no I don't think m a good food hunter compare to most of the sifu out there hehe and I just randomly looking for a makan place at Solaris so just scout and crash in XD but who knows food was good hehe...

    Taufulou: I don't think it's new just that it was pretty hidden feeling or "dark" maybe feng shui not good hahaha and thanks for my photo compliments! hehehe



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