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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ichiban Boshi @ Sunway Giza

The first  Ichiban Boshi is located at Pavilion KL and now they had a branch in Sunway Giza Kota Damansara. As browsing for dinner at Giza and the only cuisine land in mind is Japanese as it's not too oily or heavy compare to fusion.

Arrive at Ichiban Boshi around 9.30pm and luckily their last order is 10pm as they close at 10.30pm hehe.. so me and Gary had ordered a few sushi and also a dinner set.

.tuna sushi. rm4.
.kappamaki sushi. rm2.
.salmon sushi. rm4.

.california roll. rm4.
.anchovies sushi.rm4.
.ebi fry tamago toji set. rm25.90. overall taste is good, it just that the prawn is not as crispy as the fry ebi compare to pasta zanmai even it was half soak in gravy.
Last week Maxx was asking me where else can he have Japanese dessert and here is the answer where Ichiban Boshi do have some and Gary and I had tried on their Tempura Ice-Cream Rm6.90 with a touch of strawberry and the taste blends well even it's fried and with strawberry jam and importantly it's not oily ;)
You'll also entitle for a stamp collection card to redeem some free item when you dine. RM30 for a stamp =) and good thing is that the expiry date is till year end hahaha...
Address : Lot No. F 0.1, Giza Mall,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.

Contact:  03-6148 1844


  1. havent been to Giza mall yet...gonna go one day~

  2. itadakimas! haha if only i can hv some of them now :(

  3. Sherry: yea go and explore ^^
    Lukey : ngek ngek
    Chris: haha almost dinner time and u gonna get it hehe

  4. SO DELICIOUS! NICE PHOTOS! nanged and visited :))

  5. try the Wong Kok Char Chan Teng and feedback will ya !

  6. wow, yum yum . . . definitely going this weekend :)

  7. But izzit fresh ? Does it taste good??

  8. Ronnie: i a bit phobia eat HK food, bad experience with the word Wong Kok hahaha
    Bite Bite: yay!
    Adam: yea it was fresh and service was good!

  9. nice..but im far from there =(

  10. Everlyn: there's is more place to dine when u are ard, so don't worry ;)

  11. good tasting food + good looking girl = 100%



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