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Monday, July 19, 2010

34th Bon Odori Event @ Panasonic Stadium Shah Alam

It's my 1st time attend a Bon Odori which it's a Japanese Ghost Festival which happens on last Saturday 17th July 2010 and there's a highlight on this event that no Cosplay is allow as it's disrespect and no high heels as well coz it will destroy the lawn. Lucky there's not too pack at 5pm sharp when the door opens and it's a free entry event =)

 Free fan giveaway upon enter to the field with difference branding on it.
Was so hungry and here comes the feast to look for food but there's too much people for some stalls so we just quickly grab some "Japanese Noodles" which actually like normal mee goreng and top wif with Pattaya egg and mayo so became mee goreng ala Jepun! hahaha and it cost RM15 for 3!
To make it a round figure with no balance RM5 for 5 curry balls ala Jepun as well! hahaha
To trench our thirst we get the snow ice shave at this lil stall
So good business and a very long queue! Finally got the macha ice!
 And a mango ice. Both taste not too sweet and so refreshing.. yum yum =)
And finally got time to check out the fan with some information of the day itinerary which i doubt not many who see this hahha..
Able to curi snap this one Jap guy is trying to fix his yukata and i bet he is a original Japanese than a lot fako out there =P
And check out this food stall. KANSAI!! hahaha
There's also a Doraemon WC and Smoking Area hahaha so cute neh...
International Japanese kids... say cheeeezzzeee
I got my own version of posing cheezzeee
Or how bout this
We able to get a cute girl to potray with us! yay!
Ok now just both of us

Performance gonna start so there's a group photo for all the performer and let's starts with the macho ones ;)
And now the cute ones haiii.....
Location standby...
So that the Tai kor can make a speech LOLx
Performance started and they actually got different moves for the dance and not staying at one boring dance
My favourite Jap lady she is hot one!
Check out the crowd at est 7.30pm, piles of ants hahaha...
Bump into a lot friends too.. one of them is legendary Hong Kai!! 2 yrs din see him d
Bump into my ex-colleague too haha David!
Someone flew down from Singapore just for Bon Odori who is Timothy and the kepochi Andrew but he works here la so don't get confused haha
There's stills photo with some other friends but in their DSLR..

Thanks to Robert who snap so much photo of me haha and thanks for photo contribution =P

See you next year Bon Odori!!


  1. Hey, I went there too.. But It was very jam~ haha~ Nice food and products~

  2. wow....hope i got chance of joining it...

  3. **foot print**
    Nanged u and click on ur ads!
    Hope that u can nanged and click on my ads too. Thanks^^ Nang it pls! ^^

  4. u guys shd go early sayd upon the time the doors open and the crowd not that bad and after you stil have time to cruise around

  5. hey kelicious babe nang u ^^

  6. haven't been there yet... oh well next yr must go...

  7. Hi Kelly,

    it's me Victor from MBM, just happen to bump into your blog. I was there too but the other side of the stage.
    I got some good shoots too. see my blog

    keep in touch ok.

  8. M-Knight : u shd go since u love photography
    Skin : wat a small world haha... can stil bum u in blog world even not workin event for MBM d =P yea shd keep posted

  9. ic... thats why that area crowded that day.... now i know



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