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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pork Noodle @ Kedai Kopi Wah Cheong

Running out of time, so me and my colleague just have a quick lunch at the square of Section 17 coffee shop area. There's this coffee shop Wah Cehong I love it a lot, it's not only clean in terms of hygiene it's also cater good pork noodle in one of the stalls. It's my 1st time having pork noodle with the chinese "lap cheong" over here, coz I used to see it in Imbi coffee shop but it looks so disgusting and don;t make me feels like trying but over here in Wah Cheong coffee shop it makes me have the urge to try it and guess wart... it taste so GOOD! and in 2 months time I had visit 3 times for this.
Dry KoayTeow with pork balls and "lap cheong"

Location : the square at Section 17 (where the morning market is)


  1. lap cheong goes well with anything, but i usually have them with char kuey teow... but it sounds great with pork noodle :D

  2. Oh, i just been there few weeks ago! :D

  3. wah!!i miss these lap cheong very very much!!!I want I want!

  4. this is called sam gan zhong yuk yun fun (三间庄肉丸粉). ;)

  5. Hilda you should go and try it, it's really delicious, what says Hikki?!
    Kok, new trend with pork noodle haha
    Aaronz, damn long la your zhu yuk fun name haha



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