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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rumah Peranakan Authentic Nyonya Food @ Sea Park PJ

Went there last month with colleagues as well and same as yesterday we went for Peranakan food again it's for birthday lunch for me and Joey.

This time we ordered something different and also some repetition dish like chicken pong teh and honey squid compare to the previous round we ate.

We got the "ham choi" soup with duck meat, fully taste of the soury vege only
We got steam lady's finger with sambal too.. umm taste is alright but just a bit oily due to the sambal
Sambal prawn with petai. Dare not to take too much as you know petai smells heavily and especially not during lunch XD
I likes their Fried Siakap with mango,the taste is yet so refreshing!
Beef rendang it's also the recommended dish here and the beef rendang is tender and it's not too rich of the rendang gravy, thumbs up!
Poor Kok Wing gotta squeeze in between to enjoy his food
We got our dessert for sharing, we have the sago and it fragrant taste of gula melaka is fantastico!
Cendol was alright as well
But the durian cendol it's not a go. You can smell the nice aroma durian but it's tasteless and without durian taste at all.. a BIG CROSS for this
And here comes our birthday cake!! 2 candles, one each hahaha
Joey and me
Hugging and wishing each other and age is undisclosed hahaha sensitive for Joey =P
After our birthday song being sung by fellow members, of course is make a wish and blow the candle! haha
And here comes the cutting cake ceremony... jeng jeng jeng!! haha
And let's makan the cake! it's a blueberry cream cheese cake from Cake Sense. It's sounded a bit too heavy "cream cheese" but the taste it's not heavy but it was light... nice cake
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Address: 4 Jalan Ss 23/11 Taman Sea , PJ

Restoran Peranakan House is located in a secluded corner, near some car workshops, at Taman Mayang, near Taman Megah
 Contact: 03-7966 8553

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  1. Wei stumbled upon your post pulak.
    I went there for dinner yesterday.
    Very nice Nyonya food. Will be sure to visit again.



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