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Monday, July 19, 2010

Whisk Espresso & Bake Shop @ Empire Shopping Gallery Subang

What attracts me over here is the interior design of this shop and also the red velvet cake sign!

Check out the cool interior which gives me a warmth feeling. If not mistaken it' operates by a family of four, daddy, mommy, sis and brother.. they working real hard while brother is busy making coffee and dad is busy doing ground job and sis n mommy busy preparing cakes and also cashier!! ka~ching! haha
The windows is full with paper cuts of menu too
And actually I'm pretty disappointed of the red velvet cake RM11.90 coz it taste no other than only sweet, at least the red velvet cupcake in Wondermilk has some buttercream which brings out the cake taste but this is just sweet =( , last but not least my capuccino RM8.50 is tasteless too not that very coffee taste I get =( I hope you guys will imrpove on the homemade and I'll be back for sure =)

Address: LG03A, Empire Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya.

Contact: 03-5022 2060


  1. maceron too small and not in the value, red velvet is too sweet.....

    cake teste is still in medium class

  2. Hey there! We’re selling home-baked Classic Red Velvet Cake and we’re having February/Valentines Promo. Do visit our blog here – & come check us out aite! Thanks!! ;)



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