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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Delectables Cup Cakes @ The Gardens

Always pass by Delectables and never make it to buy it due to the crazr price of 3 cupcakes for RM28 but today I just take the initiative to get it and try it out and the taste was goood!! coz normally things with nice deco it might just taste bad but this is different, looks good and taste good which is so rare!!! hahaha...

The one in blue it's a chocolate flavour and the rich chocolate taste and yet it's not too sweet and guess wart those icing is a thin layer and you can eat it as well and it's not that sweet either ;)
 The pink lamb cup cake named is Lulu and it's a vanilla flavour with touch of lemon and again it's not too sweet at all hehe... and i love the design of the cupcake just way too cute ^.^

Address: Lot S-213, Second Floor,
The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City,
Lingakaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact : 03-2283 5157


  1. hahah!! the whole ribbon came out again?!!lol

  2. ohgosh!!!! so cute...i wanna get them!!!

  3. You ate Lulu too? Always wonder how long can these sugary cutsy animals can last..

  4. v!vi@n: u must get them!! it taste good ^^
    Ken: not only cute but yummy hehe
    Anthony: Got no idea how long the icing can last but so far 2 days in freezer stills looks good hahaha
    Tolanic: yep they're good in makin this even can customize the 3d object e.g a Chanel handbag, a Vertu mobile phone, a DSLR. I'd seen that!

  5. never try before
    maybe i should give a try next time
    But it's way too cut to eat it =p

  6. 1 year ago when they just started I had the same feeling, way to cute to bite on them or even too expensive to eat it but I finally did it and no regrets on paying so much to eat the cute cup cake which taste good hehe



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