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Friday, July 30, 2010

My 24th Birthday and Absolut Rock Extension Party 2010

it's my birthday oh yes it's my birthday during the Absolut Extension party last nite and I gotto work!! haha but it's ok I'm taking it positively and make work turns to excitement! it happens it Luna Bar!
Setting of lights to have a better coverage!
No photo allowed
We have stud to giveaway ;)
peace mate!
and prizes to win
while waiting for the event starts we are enjoying some views here
by looking at this
got a sofa model here
and another one here
18sx photoshoot on-going!! omg!!!
took some breath-taking view of Kl too
ta¬¬da¬¬¬ the outcome haha...
our dinner is here and this fried noodle from the mamak downstairs is TASTELESS!!!!
Got Christine to the photo board!
Cynthia too
and me with Christine while Cynthia is bust at the registration hahaha
Nice day with breezy weezy view
And we had Once Upon A Time, There Was A Sausage Named Bob to perform!
Took photo with Maggie and her friends too

Bout 11pmish I was thrown to the pool towards the end and I got my colleague to be in there with me as well coz I'm strong enuff to drag him in together hahahah...a.. team work! yea! haha and just for the sake of I'm the birthday girl hahaha

And this is the scene on how Kok Wing wana chuck me down, where he himself I able to drag him down too hahaha and thanks for these candid shots by Nelson Teon

And he slipped and fall and able to hold on the stairs
I'm swimming back to the "shore"
And I'm on board too hehe

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