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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kiku Zakura @ Tropicana City Mall

Look at the entrance which makes you think it's expensive, and yes it was. Look at the menu and the food looks so good and it's not -_-

Once you sit down, you'll get a hot towel as usual and you will also serve with a "appetizer" which taste like a salted fish and I keep questioning Gary, why? why they serve salted thin layer salmon fish as starter and he said ummmm... well...
Gary had proceed and ordered a Udon and the taste is ok
And I'd ordered a Ika Mentaiko Yaki, from photo it wow me and yes when it serve it's also look not too bad but when you start to taste it O-M-G!!! what happen to the food it's salty!!! so gerammmmm
Ok and here comes Eugene, he was late and he ordered a Teriyaki Chicken with rice
It was serve with some appetizer as well
But when Eugene starts to eat... jeng jeng jeng guess wart??!! Aren't a chicken teriyaki grill?? but why fried? and what happen to the chicken??? so thin layer of meat!!
Overall the food prie range is RM25 so imagine that you paying for all this and it makes you feel unsatisfied, sighh....

Sorry for being sacarstic but seriously this restaurant, you need to revamp!

Address: L1-53 Tropicana City Mall,
Petaling Jaya

Contact: 03-7728 6598


  1. looking at their appetizer oso not nice ady

  2. Realli sux arr... Mmmmm ok will skip this place.

  3. but they look good on the pictures.. well personal review matters =)

  4. adam : haha
    expired foodie : haha maybe u can try as what ken say personal review matter, maybe we are bad luck dat day haha
    Ken: haha yea agree on dat, perhaps you can chk it out if really u think it's sucks as well so we can chop VERIFY SUCKS!! hahaha

  5. mall is nothing to shout about. beware, the cinema is full of thieves. i just had my ipod touch stolen from the cinema yesterday. and when i went to report it, i was asked to write in a book where i found the names of plenty of other victims. golden screens management was not too helpful either. not going back. ever.



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