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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guardian 2010 Customer Choice Award

Last week on the 21 Sept 2010 is the Guardian 2010 Customer Choice Award which held at White Box.

Registration is always busy
Media, VIPs, is all over
As usual media is special, reserve table for them
And kitchen is so busy!
Food is good by our lovely caterer which undisclosed =P customize canapes from RM35-50!! for 8-9 types keke... good presentation too hehe...
Bar is full of mocktails and cocktails by Absolut Vodka!
We got lovely host who are the 3R babe!!
 We got Rafida and Celina
Not to missed out Kartini!
I do have 2 lovely BA's as well, Carol
and Elaine
and Romesh the ... umm... what should I named him as hahaha flower boy?! =P
I did have some shots too
and with Romesh too


  1. Tham, Your tie so red ar!!!

  2. opps! mutual friends around?! hmmmmph



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