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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alexis @ Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang

Getting dress, getting ready for the night and it was pretty late to upload this as it happens on last weekend to enjoys the Urban Tribe Jazz at Alexis Jln Ampang!

Getting myself looks pretty too hahaha... ok just ignore all the mess back there >.<
Arrive at destination after a long ride from Damansara to Jalan Ampang and here comes the cosy Alexis with the stage ready for the band to perform later of the night.
Their bar is always ready for you and there's variety of wine to choose as well
Schedule of the month for the performer
I thought the menu in this branch will slightly different especially on the price of food but surprisingly it's not and the price maintain the same as the other branch they had in Bangsar and The Gardens, which is a good thing! had ordered a Clam Chowder to kick start the night with their herbs bread as well
You'll never know how tasty is a Clam Chowder until you taste it and the seafood aroma of it worth every single penny you paid for it and it's only RM16! They will do the soup separation for you as well and it means 2 bowls of soup for RM16!!! hahahaha
Been craving for Wagyu for long and compare to last year I didn't dine too much of beef perhaps it's due to changing of appetite? Anyway I'd ordered a beef cheek wagyu and it's only RM48!! I just can't believe that I'm paying for a loungy environment with Jazz music going on and my main course just 48 bucks! pretty love it =P
J had ordered a Angel Hair Aglio Olio and he forgot that he can't take seafood as he will have some skin allergic after that, so I actually shared some of my Wagyu with him and took all his yabbies aka baby lobster. the pasta taste a bit spicy and the yabbies is grilled just nice ;)
Look at the yabbies artistic shot =P
No idea why are we not having a very big appetite and we are pretty full till we can't order the famous tiramisu =( So we just carry on with coffee and tea. I like my AESOP Organic Tea a lot, the different aroma of tea it's just arise and remembers to add in the honey to enhance the taste of tea =)
Guess what?! the decaf is really good with the coffee aroma and yet it's decaf! you guys really must try this.
Remember just to put 1 cube of sugar and it will taste just nice ;)
While waiting for Urban Tribe
I did some shots which I pretty like it, check it out
and this...
Sooner or later the Urban Tribe perform and they were late for 15-30mins =( and I started to yawn . Besides the regular band mates they got a saxs to play along for 2 songs the other night and they were really entertaining.

Address:Lot 10 & 11, 
Ground Floor,
Great Eastern Mall, 
303 Jalan Ampang, 
Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 03-4260-2288



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