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Friday, July 9, 2010

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @ The Gardens

In mind, Purple Cane is always about tea and I actually likes to drink their green tea which you can purchase back home. But last night it's not about buying tea or drinking tea but eating tea! haha...
      As usual I will go to the gym before meet up my bestie bitch Richard and last nite we got Clive along too haha... and as usual he is late!!!! latee!!!! yes latee!!!! hahaha =P
Some interior deco.
A pot of Oolong (if I'm not mistaken) for three! And we decided to order each a set and also 2 more side dish and here it is our side dish...
Fried egg with crispy baby anchovies!! the taste of this egg pancake is just crispy because of the crispy baby anchovies.. nom** nom** nom****
The next sides is the bittergrout fried with salted egg and the taste is not too salty or bitter and it's just nice!
Here comes our set...
Richard got this fried noodle and it's fried "yee mee" not bad and portion is huge for price of RM15.90 and I like their sides cereal prawn!
Clive got his Herbal Chicken rice and the portion serving is again huge for RM16.90?! or Rm18.90 something around there... and  he got his sides of cereal prawn too..
Guess what I'd ordered? hmmm....
ta...da!!!! "Lei Cha" on diet la needs fiber than protein haha... and you needs to mix all this and became this >>>
Nasi Campur ala Purple Cane hahahaha....
There's something pretty fun here as well tthat is the set includes soup and the soup is serves in a tea pot
You don't believe it? Come let me get my model to show you
Clive: Drinking lotus soup from a tea glass what an experience hahaha....

p.s: for babe and senior citizen who on diet you can visit this restaurant as their cooking is not oily ;) eat healthy and yummy food at the same time ;)


Address: Purple Cane Restaurant
Lot LG206, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens Mid Valley City,
Langkaran Syed Putra,
59200 KL.

Contact: 03-2283 6090

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