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Monday, July 26, 2010

Euro Deli @ Damansara Kim

First impression to Euro Deli is a wow when the first time. 1. is the simple sorta vintage cowboy deco. 2. is the menu!!
No idea whether it's I'm too hungry or I love to eat coz when I flip the menu...
I just feel like ordering all of it! and flip again..
hahaha... see are you feeling the same like me now?! They do have a a fridge selling the vacuum pack of ham and bacon and assorted ham. Is either you hoose and ask them to cook immediately or buy back home and make you own sandwich.
Besides, they do have sauces selling here too and bread! and also rissotto!!! so you can pan fried at home too ^^
There's a competition running here from 16th Spetember till 16th October 2010 which is the Biggest Baddest Burger "The Matterhorn" Challenge!
Where you can find the Rules & Regulation down here... perhaps you needsto click on it so you can read it clearer ;)
Check out the size of 3kg burger! HUGE right?! i say it's crazeeeee burpp***
There's two challengers for the night, two young chaps
wonder how they can fit the whole burger into their mouth?! just like this as below nom* nom* OMG!!
After 30 minutes , finally one of them down almost the whole piece of 3kg meat! and suffer from bloated feelings and end up can't finished as well and left the last piece of bun and some vege... burpp extra hard***  So you guys any of you wana challenge just go for it and you have to finish everything in 45 minutes and NO SHARING!! else you have to pay RM88++ for it haha good luck!
So.. ok done with the challenge competition they having here and I'm gonna start to dine mine hehe... After did all the orderings and to kick start you'll be serve by a bun.. soft and warm one yummmmmy!
Imagine wart?! Andy is gila coz he ordered damn a lot and it looks like a feast but just both of us as he said he been diet for so long so why not a feast now hahaha... so he goes with mixed sausage where there's pork, cheese, and spicy sausage.. I didn't really taste it as I'm not a real sausage fan plus I have ordered my own portion hahaha...
I ordered a "Schweins Fillet" sounds canggih rite?! haha it's actually Pork Medallion and it taste good even you eeat it alone or mix the pasta, the taste just blends well.
We do have bacon from the fridge as well and they just cook it and it taste yummy too, I love bacon
And here goes anotehr dish that makes you gonna scream!! hahaha... the Mix Pork!!! there's pig troter, pig ear, pork belly and... one more I forgotten.. I didn't taste much on this just the ear and a bit of pork belly and don't really like the ear coz a bit too hard hahaha and the belly is good.. starts to burp when I look at this platter hahhaa... and yea their broccoli and mash potato is good!
Had ordered a bottle of Apple juice too and it's not too sweet ;)

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  1. That's kinda too big for me !! Hehe..

  2. hmm...this look interesting!!

    I want the bacon!!!!!!

    must prepare bacon for tomolo;s breakfast!!

  3. wow damn big! =P

  4. Ronnie: mystery gift if you can finish haha
    Adam: i tot u dun take breakfast? haha
    Ken: it was 3kg giant burger
    Expired Food: haha umm pratically I had mine own dish and the other 2, I just pinch hahaha

  5. Kelly: yalor..u oso know i dun take breakfast what happened??I made supper instead!!can't wait any longer!

  6. The food looks VERY delicious! But the burger is wayyyyy too big for anyone to finish! :D

  7. stomach making noise like a beating drum

  8. Wendy : that burger is for challenge purpose as the winner walks away with some prizes
    Vampire : i bet u are =)

  9. haha. past by and i saw myself in the pic :D



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