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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ribs by Vintry @ Bukit Damansara

Two years ago it was my 1st time dining at Ribs by Vintry and two years later I'm back, it just because of the hidden location which make it feel special hahaha....
Well what they sell? Of course Ribs la if not what for they named it Ribs by Vintry but actually they have a wine cellar as well and you can choose from the cellar and with a fair price.

No longer drag you with grandmother story, I'd ordered the "siew yok" the typical chinese roast pork 100g for RM7!! and it's so crispy and lucky it don't have the "heong fun" aka aroma powder on it else I will not eat it coz I hate that taste/smell =P but this is definitly good =)
And got greens! Their Caesar salad it's with fried tenticles!! but not worth it coz just a few slice of lettuce and even the fried tenticles is good but still for RM28 ummm.... not worth =P hahaha
Here comes the BBQ Pork Ribs!!! Guess how much is this? RM39 for medium and RM49 for large and I got a large sufficient for two!!! taste so good, and yet juicy, tender and you can taste the bbq is just so ¬¬¬heavennnn.....

Check out my happy face..
coz I'm getting Illy cappucino and the foam is so smooth!
Address : 120-122, Jalan Kasah,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
(back row of Victoria Station)

Reservation : 03-2096 1645

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