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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sanbanto Cafe aka Pork Shop @ SS2

Sanbanto a cafe selling only pork items and they even sell fresh pork for you to buy back home and cook!
Say hi to porkie.... hellooo... konichiwa.... ni hao ma.... LOLx
Decided to come Sanbanto because I needs to help Steven to bank in his cheque in the most niche bank in world! which is Affin Bank! and yes, it's also because Sanbanto offers set lunch menu kekeke.....
Top-up RM1.50 for huge glass of ice lemon tea or....
coffee/tea which included in the set lunch!
Fresh garden salad is inclusive when you ordered a....
Porkie rice set lunch RM12.90 ^^ and the gravy taste like the Hungarian style but the portion of rice is yet too little, it's like 3/4 of a bowl of rice.
Potato soup is inclusive when you ordered a...... (this doesn't taste good, yuck -_-)
Porkie spagetthi set lunch RM15.90. The spag taste very chinese oyster sauce stir spag but the pork is good with the touch of gravy! yumm yumm but the spag is a bit too little =( for those on carbs diet den it's fine =)

Address: 32, SS2/63
47300 PJ
(same row with KTZ)

Contact 03-7876 1728

Business Hour for Cafe : Tues-Sun

Business hour for fresh meat : Tues-Sun


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