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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

K3K Benta Kaya(New branch) @ Damansara Perdana

There's a new branch of K3K Benta Kaya in Damansara Perdana, which I think it's good coz you can't find anything simple to eat around there. K3K specialty is their signature two palm size of curry puff! yes, you hear me right, it's TWO palm size. I didn't ordered that but I snap their menu =P
This branch is small and yet just comfortably seating
Love their exotic "kampung" style cashier counter
Let's the adventure of food begin! Ice Milk Tea in a jar just like Station One which I found it pretty good especially you will hang out bullshitting with your friend for quite some time hahaha.. even it's a big jar you can still taste the aroma of tea and the smoothness of the milk.
While browing thru the menu, the same feeling I have whenever I'm hungry or craving for food, that is ordered everything! hahah but certainly I did not.. But the first thing which caught my eye is always bread coz to me every kopitiam for sure have specialty on their bread and K3K has their own signature Topee which is the name of the bread and no doubt it did not disappoint me with it's crunchy toast and the kaya it's heavenly when you bite it mouthful.
It's a very good friend with the half boiled eggs ;)
Something that makes me crave more when look into the menu, which is the "yao char koay" with condensed milk!!!! omg!! it was so crunchy and yet I think they had do some magic on the condensed milk by adding a bit of kaya and butter, the smoothness and aroma it's just right which goes well with the crunchy "yao char koay"!
Last but not least still craving for a bit more... which is the keropok! but I was a bit disappointed with it coz it was too soft and don't have the fish taste as the ordinary keropok from the East. Maybe I was used to have the fresh keropok coz I'm from the East Coast so I am very particular with keropok! hahahaha

P.S: if I were you, I will not order their keropok again =P

Address: The Place
Bandar Damansara Perdana
478200 Petaling Jaya.

Contact: 03-7729 9678



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