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Monday, July 19, 2010

Rakuzen @ Empire Shopping Gallery Subang

Most likely you can find Rakuzen in many places within Klang Valley and what so special bout here? Went there last Sunday and actually nothing much besides it's new hahaha and also the view is good...

Zen deco and big glass facing SS15
Here comes my journey to eat!
Just for fun snapping the wasabi, sweet sauce, soy sauce and ginger my fav *.*
3 pieces of salmon and it looks pretty fresh and I think it's fresh coz no complaint from person who take this hahaha
It's summer now, so why not a Summer Roll!!! consist of crab meat, cheese... yes cheese.. i taste cheeseeee and asparagus f not mistaken hahaha =P but I don't really like the too much cheese part a bit jelat.
And next Spider Roll... not bad not bad
Finally, the wagyu on board.. jeng jeng jeng!!!
Sir, Ma'am, you want it medium rare? cook it yourselves la! hahaha and ta~da~ you grill your own and you get what you want so off the stove and eat! just the sauce too rich if not hua~la~la~ good ahahha

Address: Level 2, Empire Shopping Gallery Subang


  1. eh, seems so tempting leh..i wanna try when there is a chance^^

  2. v!v!@n: there's always a chance =)



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